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SA Wrecker and Cash for Cars
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Free Car Removal Anywhere
Cash for Cars Upto $9999
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SA Wrecker and Car Removal
We Remove Your Scrap Car
Free Car Removal Anywhere
Cash for Cars Upto $9999
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Why Choose SA Wrecker?

We accept vehicles of all makes and models such as Cars, Utes, Trucks. Free pickup/towing service of old and unwanted vehicles. On the spot payment for your car. Get cash for cars. Get the best quotes. Convenient services and a streamlined process. Avail services within the required timeframe. Our payment is for removing unwanted cash machines up to $9999.

We service all Adelaide and coastal areas and remove any kind of vehicles such as car, utes, truck, beetle, and 4wds.

Unlike other car removal companies, we do not buy corners with money. To receive an instant quote for your car, all you need is to give us a call or contact us online by providing vehicle details, model and vehicle details for our instant quote.

Sell your car for cash

We buy all your unwanted, old, scrap, accident, registered, damaged, used, new or unused cars, vans, trucks, 4wds, SUVs, and even bikes

Cash for Cars

Autos Car Removal buys all makes and models, no matter what their condition or age, running or not. We pay up to $9k. Give us a call or fill the right form & get your free quote.

Free pick up service

If you're in the Adelaide area, then call us, mention the car make and model and the bit about your car, and we will give you an instant quote on the phone or email you. We buy cars and offer free car removal.

quick response

Fill the right form. We'll respond within 10 minutes. We pay in cash the same day we pick up the vehicle. That's it! A simple stress-free process around the entire Adelaide area.

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Cash for Cars Adelaide

At SA Wrecker Pty Ltd we buy cars, offer car removals because we’re a professional Car Removal service provider in the Southern Australia region offering top on spot dollar for junk cars. That’s right, cash for cars. If you have an old damaged or non-usable car that cannot be resold for its value, we will provide top cash, free car removal and the best Junk Car Removal Service in and around Adelaide at all times.

Why keep your old non-usable car parked in your garage or driveway for no reason at all? Call SA Wrecker now and get instant cash and free car removal for your scrap cars with super-friendly customer service as well. We accept any condition car from any make or model in Australia. That’s right we pay top cash for any condition and all makes of cars including Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mercedes, Mazda and any car or vehicle.

We’re the unused cars, Adelaide car buyers. Are you thinking “I want to sell my cars?” or “I want to sell my car? If so then we’re the car buyers for you. We’ll pay top cash for any car in any condition and give you free car removal around the entire Adelaide area.

Cash for Junk Car Removal

“I’m thinking about selling my car” Does this sound like you?

Are you looking to sell your old junk car for a high amount of on-spot cash payout in Southern Australia? SA Wrecker is your most reliable source for authentic Cash for Cars service offering top cash dollar for old wasted scrap cars and vehicles. We have years of experience in the Adelaide and Southern Australia region. We have developed expert business channels that lead us to offer the highest on-spot cash for any older scrap vehicles in the area no matter their condition. And free car removal as well.

Our efficient members make use of most parts from your old cars and get the most out of it. We also offer on-spot Car Removal services anywhere in or around the Adelaide region. You will not have to take your old car anywhere at all. Our cash for cars Adelaide service is simple, efficient and affordable.

Cash for Unwanted Cars

Do you have any unwanted cars or vehicles in the Adelaide, Southern Australia region? SA Wrecker offers top cash for any cars or vehicles that you might have. We are true Car Removal experts in the Adelaide region and have years of experience providing our excellent services to our clients. We’re genuine cash for cars Adelaide specialists. We offer the best Cash for Unwanted Cars services that leave you with a pocket full of cash and an emptied parking space instantly. No matter the condition of your car, our cash for cars Adelaide service will come to you. Our process is straightforward and transparent, as well:

  • Client calls us or fills in their vehicle details on our website
  • We provide a free cash estimate or a cash quote instantly
  • Our team travels down client location and performs a free vehicle assessment
  • A formal verified cash quote is presented after all checks and verification
  • We pay the decided cash amount after having the documents signed from our client
  • We tow the car or vehicle away leaving a clean parking space and a pocket full of cash

Nobody likes to let old or not wanted cars to destroy their Adelaide surroundings. The best way to eliminate them is to turn them into good cash. We are here to help you remove your car, pickups, Utes, 4WDs, trucks and all types of unwanted vehicles at no cost. So you do not have to worry. All you need to do is fill out this simple form or call us at: 0470313096. Here at the car removal on our sunshine, it’s not a big deal about the model, Toyota Hyundai, Suzuki, Nissan, Lexus, Volkswagen, Mercedes, whatever we destroy it.

If you’re like most people with cars lying around your property, then you probably leave them there because it’s simply too difficult a task to get rid of them. But, why keep an old car if it’s not running or working and its best asset is collecting dust? Or rusting away? It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is unroadworthy, how old it is, or how long it’s been sitting around. Because no matter how aged or deteriorated it may be, it’s still worth some cash. And we’re here to get your old vehicles removed, easily. Our Cash for Cars Adelaide service makes it simple to remove your old car and get cash for it.
There is no need to stress about getting rid of unwanted cars anymore because it’s so easy to do it. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your Adelaide home or worry about trying to do it yourself because we come and handle the hard work for you. It’s as simple as contacting us today for a quote, and we’ll manage the rest. We’ll give you an instant quote, and come collect your car for free — no need to pay for towing or removal charges on top of the agreed price.
We take any car or vehicle and remove it fuss-free, reliably and safely. We’ll give you cash for any vehicle no matter the make, model or year. Let us come to your Adelaide residence and remove your car for free. Leaving old cars laying around which aren’t running anymore isn’t good for them, your Adelaide property or your home. After a while, your vehicle won’t start. Its oils will dry up, and it can be dangerous and destroy the engine if you try to get it to start again. It can begin blowing smoke creating adverse effects on the environment, and after all this, it’s most likely just not safe to drive anymore. If you have a car in this condition and you’re in the Adelaide area then contact us today.
Car removal puts money in your pocket. If you’ve got a broken, damaged, old or a car in Adelaide you don’t want anymore, then contact us to safely and efficiently remove the car for you. Plus you can eliminate any chance of getting a nasty fine or facing legal issues from your local council for having unwanted or unwarranted cars laying around. Which means removing vehicles from your property can prevent you from getting further unnecessary expenses. Let us remove your car today and give you top cash for it.

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