Cash for SUVs Adelaide

Got an SUV or 4WD you don’t want anymore? Is it in working condition? Or is it old, rusting and collecting dust? Having trouble trying to sell or remove your 4WD? If so, regardless of its condition, contact SA Wreckers today and let us do it for you. 

Get Cash For SUVs Today

At SA Wreckers we buy used, and scrap SUV’s of every make and in any shape. If your SUV or 4WD is damaged and needs work done whether it be small or large we’ll buy it. If your SUV needs no work or even if it’s almost scrapped and not worth the cost in repairs, we’ll buy it too. For dismantled, damaged, wrecked, broken or perfect condition SUV’s we’ll pay up to $9,000 cash for SUVs.

Why Sell Us Your SUV?

We’re one of the fairest paying cash for cars businesses in Adelaide. We make decent cash for SUV offers as high as $9,000. Whatever the condition your SUV or 4WD is in, such as, junk, damaged or wrecked we’re still reasonable in our cash SUV offers. Due to our many years in the automotive industry, we quote a fair and realistic price for all vehicles we buy. 

Further to the above, the process of selling us your SUV is simple. You can give our friendly team a call or fill out our form, and we’ll explain the process to you. From here we give you a quote based on the model, make and state of your SUV and organise a time which is most convenient for you to come and pick it up. Our goal is to ensure our service is stress-free, fast and comfortable. 

We’re The SUV Experts

 If you’re looking to get rid of your SUV or 4WD, you should get a specialist who understands this type of vehicle — one who knows its proper removal and will give you an accurate a fair price.

We offer free towing when we sell your SUV or 4×4. And what’s better we’re available 365 days a year so when it’s convenient for you, give us a time to remove your auto because we work within your schedule. 

If you need an SUV or 4WD removed, give our team a call today as we’re the experts in cash for SUVs.

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