Salvage Car Removal Adelaide

Got a salvage car taking up all the room in your garage? Which also creates an unsafe environment for your family. Not to mention salvage cars make your garage or property appear messy to passers-by, your street’s appearance and can create an unpleasant situation with your neighbours. 

Why You Should Remove Your Salvage Car

  • Neighbour’s complaints
  • Council regulations
  • Your family’s safety
  • Or you don’t want it collecting dust and rusting away anymore 

If any of the above is you, then contact the friendly team at SA Wreckers today as we’re specialists in buying salvage cars no matter how wrecked, damaged or eroded. We’ll give you a fair and honest price and come collect it for free. Making the process as stress-free and simple as possible for you. 

Convenient And Straightforward Salvage Car Removal 

If your vehicle is a salvage, then it’s just not worth the money in repairs but having it safely removed can be expensive. And, if you’ve got one sitting around deteriorating away, then it’s most likely you’re not going to use it anymore or try to get it fixed. If this is the case contact us today because we pay cash for every style, make, model and salvage car in any condition. 

Don’t Leave Your Salvage Car To Deteriorate Any Longer

Did you know that deteriorating and rusting cars become dangerous and hazardous to your property and not to mention your family too?

Salvage cars have toxic fluids and chemicals in the engine as well as oozing paint which will leak and become dangerous — furthermore, old oils which are extremely flammable and have potential to cause injury.  

A rusting car regardless is going to look unsightly. Salvage cars also contribute to property devaluation. It’s true, it makes your yard and property appear run-down, neglected, ugly, and it also diminishes the value of how your whole street’s appearance.

If you have a salvage car which is diminishing the value of your property, upsetting your neighbours and slowing causing damage to your property, then contact us to buy it and remove it for free. 

And finally, don’t let the worth of your salvage car diminish by letting it sit around rusting any longer. Contact us today and get the money its worth now and have it removed simply.

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