Utes, Vans And Truck Removal Adelaide

It’s true. Not only do we give your cash for cars and remove them for free but we also remove utes, vans and trucks too. 


Got a damaged, old van, truck or ute lying around? Or if you have a working one which you don’t’ need anymore? Are you finding it difficult or expensive to get these vehicles removed? If can’t get any of these vehicles off your hands and away from your property then contact SA Wreckers today. 

Convenient And Straightforward Ute, Van and Truck Removal

As we’ve got years of experience in the automotive industry and we’ve been reliably removing all sorts of motor vehicles throughout this time we’re able to come and collect your ute, van and truck regardless of its size for free. 

If you’ve got a ute, van or truck sitting in the driveway, front yard or backyard collecting dust and rusting away don’t leave it there any longer because we’ll give you cash for it and take it off your hands in a time convenient for you. No matter the condition of the vehicle, we’ll take it off your hands and provide you with a fair and honest price straight over the phone. 


Why Remove Your Old Ute, Van or Truck?


Believe it or not, leaving an old vehicle lying around without using it can become dangerous. When vehicles rust away, often sharp edges can form, and if they come into contact with your skin can cause severe injuries — resulting in stitches and needles to stop anything terrible from getting into your body such as tetanus.


Further to this, especially with trucks, there are often toxic fluids and chemicals in the engine, deteriorating paint, and if the vehicle gets left too long, then leaking begins. Not to mention oils which are highly flammable and can cause significant damage at any moment. 


So if you’ve got an old ute, van or truck that you don’t use anymore get rid of it today before you may suffer damage from leaving it lying around. 


 Why SA Wreckers For Your Ute, Van or Truck Removal?


At SA wreckers we have all the equipment needed to collect your ute, van or truck regardless of its size or condition. We’ve got a hassle-free process for quoting, payment and collection. And we buy and collect all types of vehicles irrespective of its make, model or condition.


Contact our team today, explain your vehicle type, and we’ll give you a quote straight over the phone. Then organise to remove your ute, van or truck at your most convenient time and a simplistic way.

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